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Antique stereo photographs

Collection of Augustin SEGUIN (1898-1964), Pilot, Engineer, and amateur photographer ...

The first aeroplanes, World War I, cars in the 1910's, trains, travels...

These stereo 3D photographs are set in anaglyph (left and right view in red and cyan, on the same picture).
You need special glasses to see them in 3d, or see them in straight B&W.

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with red/cyan glasses

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You can help to improve this site : I have very few information on these photographs ; if you know something about the location, the time, the subject of these snapshots, send me them, I'll publish them on the site.
Don't be afraid for the confidentiality of your name or E-mail address :
unless you'll require it, I'll not send your name or address to anybody, and i'll not include it in any distribution list.

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First Air meeting
Reims 1909
 Reims 1909

Alpes stereo : A marvellous photo gallery of the Alps, in full color anaglyphs !.

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Zeppelins in 3d: history of these flying giants, in pictures and in 3d ...
Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace : The french museum, near Paris, which keeps most of the aeroplanes you've just seen
Coupe Schneider et hydravions anciens : And very detailed documents on GNOME rotary engines
Les Ailes Anciennes Toulousaines : A club of antique planes collectors

  • AirMinded : A good inventory of legend aircrafts

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